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Gurpreet Singh Thathy

Director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures

Areas of business

Security, Cyber Risk Management
Security, Endpoint Security
Security, Investigations
Security, Iot Security
Security, Tscm


Gurpreet Thathy is a seasoned investigator who focuses on digital forensics and cyber investigations. With a career marked by expertise and dedication, Gurpreet has provided expert testimony multiple times in various legal settings, including prestigious institutions such as the Old Bailey and the Royal Courts of Justice. His role in criminal justice proceedings extends to civil cases, where his meticulous Digital Forensic Investigations have played a crucial role in supporting litigation efforts.

In his capacity, Gurpreet is responsible for a wide array of tasks, including preserving data for disclosure, ensuring its security and integrity, and maintaining the safety of premises during legal proceedings. His collaborations with prominent law enforcement agencies like the Metropolitan Police, the National Crime Agency (NCA), and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) underscore his extensive experience across diverse legal domains. Gurpreet has also partnered with regulatory bodies such as the Competition Marketing Authority (CMA), Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA), and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), contributing his expertise to various investigative initiatives.

Beyond his investigative work, Gurpreet offers valuable support to clients by conducting comprehensive vulnerability assessments to address physical and digital security concerns. He adeptly manages Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures (TSCM) sweeps, utilising cutting-edge technology and methodologies to identify and neutralise potential eavesdropping threats. Additionally, Gurpreet's proficiency in cryptocurrency investigations and asset tracking further enhances his capability to deliver comprehensive investigative solutions.

With a reputation for excellence and a track record of successful collaborations with legal and regulatory entities, Gurpreet Thathey is a trusted expert in digital forensics, TSCM and cyber investigations.

Company Overview

Valkyrie is a boutique security and investigations company specialising in safeguarding your world with unparalleled physical and digital security, cyber resilience and expert crisis response in the face of real and emerging threats.

Our core services are follows, but not limited to

  1. Investigations
  2. Surveillance
  3. Expert Witness (Digital Forensics)
  4. Litigation Support Services
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures (TSCM) aka bug sweeping
  7. Physical and Personal Security
  8. Training
  9. Crisis Response
  10. Physical Penetration Testing




"I have worked with many people across the security services sector and am delighted to say that Gurpreet was one of the good ones! He and his team are brilliant, efficient and easy to work with. He is hugely knowledgeable and speaks in layman's terms, which, when it comes to his work, is hugely helpful! I couldn't recommend Gurpreet more highly".

- Alexei Cantacuzene-Speransky

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